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Have a first appointment for speech therapy in Calgary? Here’s how to prep your child:

Once you’ve scheduled your first appointment for speech therapy in Calgary with Rosy Speech and Language, you may be wondering how to prepare your child for the appointment. Here are some ideas that can help:

1) Tell your child that you will be going to see Jocelyn who is a speech therapist. If your child is old enough you can let them know that I help children with their talking and can help your child too.

speech therapy Calgary

2) Let your child know that in the appointment we will play and talk! Be sure to let them know that I have games and toys that we will use during the session together.

3) Make sure your child knows that you (the parent) will be staying with them during the appointment. Some children may feel nervous that you are going to leave them so you can re-assure them that you will be with them during the session.

speech therapy Calgary

Talking to your child before coming to the appointment can make sure they know what to expect and relieve some of the nerves they may be feeling.

For you as the parent, know that I will ask you questions about your child’s communication and any concerns you have. I understand that I may not see everything your child is capable of in the session so your input is very valuable!

Don’t have a session scheduled yet for speech therapy in Calgary with Rosy Speech and Language? Submit our contact form to schedule your first appointment and get started today!

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